Mystery Shopping
What is Mystery shopping?
Mystery shoppers will visit your business as regular customers. They will perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, placing an order online, making a phone call, requesting a service, placing a complaint, ordering food/drink and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.

GWR's history in the field
GWR is the leading company in the region with an extensive track record of mystery shopping to clients of various sectors (hospitality, retail, banking, hotels, airlines, government agencies, car dealerships, health clubs and spas, pubs…). Our partners range from local stores to multi-national corporations in the MENA region.

Mystery Shopping with GWR
We have a specialized team of account managers who train and follow-up our shoppers, review data and help your organization reach outstanding customer service. Our mystery shoppers are meticulously chosen, then trained for each particular task. They are provided with tools that ensure objectivity and accuracy in the transfer of information. Our service is personalized to your operations and to your own standards. The outcome is quantitative and objective and can be used to track improvement in each department of your operations. Our versatile team will ensure that you get all the information you are looking for and help you fix any issues standing in the way of achieving ultimate customer service.
Working with GWR will guarantee you professionalism, accuracy, and complete confidentiality.

Our Mystery Shopping department is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Services provided:

ServiceCheck Regular

ServiceCheck Premium:
   Mystery shoppers sent are experts in the field.

   Comparing your service to that of your competitor to see where you
   stand in the market.

Customer service Surveys:
   Statistical analysis aiming at providing a feedback to the client
   regarding the perception of their service quality by their customers.